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We know how important it is that your children grow up to feel confident at the dentist. The very best way to do this is to start young and make sure that they have only positive experiences which is why we will happily register your children as soon as they are born or any time after. We see children from around the Edinburgh area, particularly from Southside, Newington and Tollcross.


We know you want the best for the youngest members of your family and our team are committed to helping kids grow up free from dental decay. As they get older we  screen and check for developing bite problems and can arrange help from orthodontists if necessary


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This is how we promise to look after your children and their teeth


  1. We promise to listen to your children’s concerns and involve them in the discussion
  2. We will provide the best possible NHS Children’s dentistry and ensure that your children are always as comfortable as possible
  3. We will encourage your children to look after their teeth so they keep their teeth for life



A special place for kid's NHS dentistry

In the fight against tooth and gum disease we will form an alliance with you and your child to educate, motivate and encourage great oral health from the youngest age.

It is often the case that children do not know what to expect when they come to see a dentist, even if they have been before. A great way for you to help in this process is to support your child by sharing with them your success stories of visiting the dentist. When you walk in to our practice with your child, a simple positive comment about the building can help to reinforce a positive state of mind for your child. This sharing in your child’s experience will help to calm them, allay their fears and help them to become involved in looking after their teeth in a positive and encouraging environment, setting them up well for when they come to see our NHS dentist.


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How to look after your children’s teeth

The best way to ensure your children keep their teeth clean is to build it in to their daily routine. If you need to assist them you'll find gently cradling their chin whilst they tip their head back, whilst standing behind them, is a great way to reach the top and bottom teeth in their mouth. As soon as you see their teeth first appearing, use a small child’s tooth brush with a smear of a children’s tooth paste.

We recommend that you supervise your children brushing their teeth until they are around 7 years old. Once all their teeth are through, you should use a slightly larger brush and brush small sections of your child's mouth at a time to break down the brushing routine. Brush in a circular motion in each section before moving on to the next.

Encouraging your children to adopt this routine, and brush twice a day will certainly help them in later life. And whilst we love to see you in our Edinburgh practice, we hope you agree it’s always good when as little dental work needs doing as possible.


We currently have spaces for children at our practice, but advise you to register you and your children as soon as possible. An NHS Dentist is able to provide dentistry that you need. For dentistry that you want we are also able to provide private dentistry with a refreshing Citrus twist.