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The Citrus team have been carefully selected for their knowledge and experience, our aim is to provide quality NHS Dentistry and beyond in a welcoming and dare we say it, enjoyable environment.

Membership spaces are limited so we recommend registering as soon as possible. Our Dentists are dedicated to providing great NHS dental care and should the need arise their skills extend to more cosmetic Private treatments. So although we are an NHS Dental practice you can still choose private treatment options and  match  your treatment to suit your wishes and budget.


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We are convenient with great transport links to South Side, Newington and Tollcross. Prams can be safely stored inside and  and full access  is available for a patients with impaired mobility.


Citrus is an NHS dental practice in Edinburgh, this means that the fees that you pay are NHS Fees set by the government and not the practice. Many patients are exempt from NHS dental charges and do not need to pay anything. Find out if you are exempt from dental charges here.

NHS Dental fees vary depending on the type of treatment that you require, as a result every persons situation will be slightly different. At Citrus, we know you hate uncertainty which is why each of our dentists will always provide you with a full printed estimate before any treatment is carried out.


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Some common examples of NHS Treatments and fees in our Edinburgh practice


New Patient Examination                      £ Free  
Recall Examination                £ Free  

Citrus new Patient Assessment

plus 2  Small X rays

Simple Scale and Polish                £11.40  
Small metal filling ( back tooth )                £7.76  
Large metal filling ( back tooth )                £19.92  
White filling ( front tooth )   from       £14.64   
Extractions   from       £13.00  
Root canal treatment ( front tooth )                £41.96  
Root canal treatment  ( molar tooth )                £87.80  
White crown ( front tooth )   from         £83.38  
Partial acrylic denture   from          £61.60  
Full Upper and Lower Dentures   from          £157.60  
cancellation policy        

Maximum charge for any 1 course of NHS treatment is £384

Fees correct as of 1June 2019


More information about NHS Dentistry in Edinburgh

The NHS is a great service designed to make sure that everyone can receive the  treatment that they NEED.  When you see an NHS dentist in our Edinburgh practice you can be assured that you will receive the very best NHS dental treatment possible. However, we recognise that there are some situations when there may be a treatment option that you PREFER but that the NHS understandably does not cover.


Most often the reason someone will opt for NHS Upgrade items, or select our private dentist service is because with our private service:


  • You have a wider choice of treatments
  • You have a wider choice of materials than an NHS dentist
  • Many of the options are more aesthetic 


If you choose  an NHS Upgrade option, here are some examples of our fees:


NHS Upgrade Items ( items that the NHS does not usually fund )


White filling on back tooth Small  from £54
White filling on back tooth Medium  from £94
White filling on back tooth Large  from £120
Tooth coloured crown on back tooth   from £291





For even more choice you may decide that our Private Dentistry options suit you better.