Dental Veneers in Edinburgh from Citrus Dental Care


A kind way to enhance the appearance of your smile These ultra thin veneers can enhance worn or tired Smiles. First impressions count so you need to make sure the first is a good one. Being embarrassed to smile and holding your hand over your mouth can lead to a lack of confidence and poor self image, so having a lovely smile you can be proud of really is a life changing treatment.


Citrus is a fresh new practice and we regularly see people from all round the Edinburgh area including Newington, Southside and Tollcross.


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If you are thinking about dental veneers, here is some information to help.


What can dental veneers in our Edinburgh Dental Practice be used for?

Dental veneers can be used to treat a variety of problems such as:

Stained or discoloured teeth – sometimes teeth are too dark to be treated with tooth whitening, if this is the case a thin veneer could be used to cover the stained tooth

Chipped or worn teeth – if you grind your teeth, or have been involved in an accident you may have chipped or worn teeth. These can often be easily repaired using dental veneers provided by us in Edinburgh.

Spaces and Gaps – spaces between your teeth can look ugly and be embarrassing, these can often be closed with dental veneers.

Crooked teeth – Wherever possible we prefer to straighten teeth in our Edinburgh practice with orthodontic treatments such as Clear braces, Inman Aligners or Six Month Smiles. This involves gently  moving your teeth rather than covering them with a veneer. However in some cases, covering the tooth completely with a dental veneer is the quickest option.


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What happens if you chose to have dental veneers?

1. The first part of any dental procedure is the initial consultation and examination, this will be done by your dentists who have a keen eye for the perfect smile and are trained to provide cosmetic dentistry. They will assess the suitability of your teeth for veneers and answer your questions about the procedure

2. Once you have decided that veneers are the best treatment for you, a very thin layer will be removed from the front of your tooth. This provides a rough surface for the new dental veneer to bond to and provides a clear line for us to make your new veneer to. The amount we remove from the front of your tooth varies depending on exactly what we are trying to achieve, but it can be as little as 0.3mm up to 1mm. Either way, it’s a very small amount!

4.  We will then take a special mould of your teeth and write down detailed instructions to our skilled dental technicians who will make your new dental veneer for you. This normally takes 2 weeks.

5. During this 2 week period we will provide you with temporary veneers made from lifelike plastic. These will be a similar shape to your final veneers, so you will look fantastic as soon as you walk out of the practice. You will however have to avoid strongly coloured foods for the next 2 weeks while you have your plastic temporary veneers in place.

7. After 2 weeks your new veneers will be ready, we thoroughly clean them, treat them with a special bonding agent and permanently bond them to your tooth using special dental adhesives


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Dental veneers form a range of options in our Edinburgh Dental Practice, and are always considered alongside other treatments such as tooth whitening or adult orthodontics with Clear Braces, Inman Aligners or Six Month Smiles. Dental veneers are a permanent option for the treatment of badly discoloured teeth, crooked teeth or chipped and worn teeth.